More about us

Our company - TRUST - was established in 1981. We started our production with artistic metalwork and tiny/minor jewelry, which was mainly exported to Eastern bloc countries (the socialistic countries). After several years of trials and improvements, we became one of the first manufacturers to produce these items, taking advantage of modern casting technologies.
Today we are one of the top manufacturers of ferrules for leather and semi-finished artificial jewelry products. We also produce small casts for low-melting alloys (tin and zinc) for uses in: artificial jewelry, ferrules, letters, advertising accessories, devotional articles, souvenirs and casual items. We also produce various fishing accessories from lead, zinc and aluminum alloys.
All details are cast in silicon molds under centrifugal pressure. We individually design the molds and choose which alloys would be best suited for each particular order. Our only limitation is the radious of the mold and spinning plat, which is 18 cm long. Narrow and elongated details may reach 1.5 times the length of the radius.
We also do surface treatment like polishing and abrasive machining for metal items. We use vibrating machines for such treatment.